Tantric Transmissions

Heart of Tantra revitalizes and illuminates ancient tantric teachings and techniques in ways that are non-traditional and not dogmatic, thereby making them accessible for the modern seeker.

This includes techniques from the six yogas of Naropa, which are one of the central paths of enlightenment in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

The central teachings include the meditation of the inner fire, meditation of the clear light, deity yoga and finally the highest realisation: Mahamudra.

Tantric Transmissions

Inner Fire Meditation

Inner Fire in 7 Steps

“Inner Fire is the ultimate meditation; the one that includes the entire wisdom and experience that anyone should expect on their way towards complete self-realization.

If you know how to practice Inner Fire, you no longer require any other meditative practice.”

– Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali’s new book introduces you, step-by-step, to Tummo Meditation, making its original depth and secrets accessible and easy to practice. It is a true gem for anyone who longs for spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

Originally, these four fundamental practices were designed to prepare a student’s subtle body and chakras for the practice of Inner Fire Meditation. However, you can also use them independently, in order to rapidly clear your subtle nervous system, balance your chakras and, in general, establish a connection with your subtle body.

Experience the four fundamental stages of Inner Fire.

This audio program takes you on a guided journey of Inner Fire meditation – the nearest thing to spiritual enlightenment. This is based on the Tibetan Buddhist Tummo meditation.

Inner Fire Online Course

In this 4 week online video course, we are going to delve into the secret of the powerful Tibetan Buddhist Tummo Meditation (inner fire meditation) and gradually enter its depth and subtleties.

Mahamudra – the Final Realization


In Mahamudra: The Final Realization, Shai Tubali offers an extensive illumination of Tilopa’s words in order to make the instructions both accessible to – and transformative for – the modern reader.

This elucidation is followed by simple Mahamudra meditations and enquiries, as well as a comprehensive section containing guidance on Tilopa’s supportive tantric practices: Inner Fire and Clear Light.

Deity Yoga

Deity Yoga is a highly significant additional layer that makes the practice of Inner Fire and Mahamudra, complete.

Instead of believing the false and limited sense of self, in deity yoga we begin at the end: we visualize ourselves as if we were a fully enlightened Buddha – as if we are already gods and goddesses. In this way, there is no waiting, and the future is now.

Instead of feeling that we admire spiritual beings external to our own being, while we are still swimming in the muddy waters of the earth, we learn to identify with these beings in a way that makes us realize they are our very own selves.