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Almost a thousand years ago, on the banks of the Ganges river, the towering Indian Yogi Tilopa finally agreed to share his supreme guidance on Mahamudra, with his dedicated student, Naropa. Tilopa’s Ganges Mahamudra, transmitted in the form of a spontaneous song, is a concise and essential presentation of the ultimate path and outcome of Buddhist meditation. His sharing of the living experience of enlightenment continues to vibrate behind the written words to this day.

Although the Ganges Mahamudra introduces a highly advanced level of practice, it is, in the same breath, an astonishingly clear and easy practice that requires nothing more than an honest gaze into one’s mind. The practice is designed to evoke an immediate awareness of the innate, unborn clear light wisdom of one’s being. As such, it may be considered the truest and speediest path of highest tantra. Even more radically, Tilopa makes it clear that if this mind of clear light can be accessed directly, no other practice is required.

In Mahamudra: The Final Realization, Shai Tubali offers an extensive illumination of Tilopa’s words in order to make the instructions both accessible and transformative for the modern reader. This elucidation is followed by simple Mahamudra meditations and inquiries, as well as a comprehensive section containing guidance on Tilopa’s supportive tantric practices: Inner Fire and Clear Light.

In this sequence of dialogues, Shai Tubali begins with the belief that all the mystical traditions of both ancient and modern times have ignored the urgent and most fundamental question of the meaning of human life.

He points out that, instead, they have focused on the liberation of the individual from reincarnation and, in this way, they have left the actuality of human life devoid of its true meaning and purpose.

Together with Tamar Brosh, who comes from the world of positive psychology, Shai sets out in this book to present an answer to the question that is deeply grounded in the actuality of the human experience.

He provides a clear definition of what it means to be a human being and imbues human life with the dignity of meaning and purpose, giving it its own unique role on Earth; in the universe as a whole and, on a still larger scale, of spirit itself.

A 21-Days Challenge

The Light of Positive Emotions

Discover the secret power of expanding positive emotions and enliven every aspect of your daily life with new abundance, wonder, and true happiness.

The principle of this challenge is to immerse yourself in the true power of positive emotions for 21 days, thereby deepening and accelerating the healing and empowering process in ways never before known.

Due to the conditioning of our minds, we automatically tend to focus on problems in everyday life: on what we lack, what is missing, and what needs to be healed. Only rarely do we use the healing potential and power of positive emotions and feelings.

So, in 21 days, we will gradually dive deeper and deeper into the world of positive emotions. But this challenge does so much more, because we are not only harnessing and activating the power of positive emotions, but combining that with the enormously transformative and liberating power of the Expansion Method.

Right now, we can get in touch with a positive emotion, expand it, and reach a blissful state: a state that is the closest to what you might call true happiness.

You are invited to join Shai Tubali on this journey and to ignite the wonder in our positive emotions.



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